So as some of you may know Michael does most of the grunt writing while I do a lot of brainstorming with him, the research and editing of said grunt writing. As much as I love this man with all my heart, he can get so caught up in the details of stuff. In a novel, just how much of “this works because this little thingy here moves that thingy over there” do people actually care about reading? Interestingly enough, there are some, but if it doesn’t promote the story or if it stalls the story it has to go. Should we put those things at the end like we did in Dwarven Rifleman again? That was our compromise for that novel. We call those data dumps and while some is important not all is allowed. In the new novel Rage of Angels there is a quite a bit in it that I do not understand as it has a LOT of scifi “gadgets” Funny thing is that they are all feasible and/or in exploration now. And that is my lovely husband for you. He LOVES how things work. He is the researcher on this one. As some of our friends know he can go on about a subject for hours if it is scifi. He completely understands this stuff. We went to see a lecture by Stephen Hawking once and frankly I was lost from the start. Don’t get me wrong I am exceptionally bright, but Michael, well lets just say that there are some employers years ago who were too stupid to understand who they had with them.

So since I have been laid off (again) there is very little I can contribute to Rage of Angels until we are in edits so my job is going over Lord of the North (Dwarven Rifleman series) and see where we are heading and what we need to get there.

Hey, you never know, we may actually publish this one right on the heels of the other or possibly even before.…