The good news is we are not alone

The end of the world is just the beginning.

The Dwarven Rifleman Series

A story of how one man– or dwarf– can change the world

Praise for Diaries of a Dwarven Rifleman:

“Impressive work, and great fun!” 

Greg Bear

Hugo and Nebula-winning author of Darwin's Radio and Moving Mars

Where creativity meets hard science

What happens when one of the world’s leading swordmakers . . .

 . . . meets a horsewoman in renaissance garb?

Michael “Tinker” and Linda Pearce are writers, artists, and experts in their respective technology fields, with a knack for telling adventurous stories based on hard science.


Praise for Rage of Angels:

“A good old-fashioned alien invasion story mixed with near-future military science-fiction technology . . . the invasion itself packs a surprising emotional punch, the characters well-drawn and distinctive.” 

Goodreads Review


Announcing the next installment in the Marabunta Apocalypse series, continuing the story from Rage of Angels.