Rage of Angels


Earth suffers a devastating attack by an unknown force of extraterrestrial origin, wiping out a civilization ten thousand years in the making in twenty-four hours. Who are they, and why have they come? The survivors soon discover the aliens are here for the one resource they cannot find elsewhere in the solar system- surface biomass. Life itself. The survivors are left to fight a guerrilla war against their technologically superior adversaries in the vain hope of driving them off before they can strip the world of life. But they may be doomed to fail unless they can find a way to strike directly against the aliens, unassailable in their fortress-mothership orbiting high above the earth.

With memorable characters, packed with action and bleeding-edge technology ‘Rage of Angels’ is a fresh, up to date and frighteningly plausible addition to the alien invasion genre.




Coming soon: Book 2 of the Marabunta Apocalypse series


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