First off- Rage of Angels has, in a very short time, become our best-selling novel, and thank you to everyone that has read and reviewed it!

Next- the sequels. It took five years to get Lord of the North, the sequel to DODR finished and published.  In between those two books we wrote Tyr’s Hammer and Rage of Angels; not a ton of writing for the amount of time it took. The thing is we had my shop burn down and essentially destroy out house, moving, resetting, moving back, medical issues, recovering our yard from the blackberries that took over while the house was being rebuilt (if you are not familiar with Himalayan Blackberries you probably cannot understand what an epic task this was) and, oh yeah, making a living, paying the bills and keeping a roof over our heads…  It hasn’t left a ton of energy for other things.

That needs to change, so we’re changing. Having released the sequel to DODR it’s now time for the sequel to Rage of Angels.  The working title is ‘Do not go Gentle,‘ and it’s moving along nicely.  But writing Military Science Fiction isn’t just a matter of slapping words down and hammering them into a coherent story. There is a lot of research needed- emerging technologies, climatology, sociology, theoretical physics… it all has to come together with compelling characters and an interesting story. It’s hard work- maybe the hardest thing we’ve ever done- and like many authors I have to do this while working full-time to meet our financial needs. OK, enough whining- plenty of other authors manage it and we will too.

Do not go Gentle will pick up within weeks of the end of Rage of Angels.  The Marabunta are fleeing to the deep solar system, the Earth’s ecosystem is trashed and the survivors are scrambling to survive their post-apocalyptic world.  The government is struggling to maintain order, which is complicated by the fact that no matter how bad things get, no matter how dire the situation, someone has always got to be an asshole.  Against this backdrop we need to pursue the Marabunta further from Earth than we have ever gone before and somehow defeat them- and we need to do it before they can rebuild and come back to finish the job. No problem, right?

Need to wrap this up, not the least because I need to get to work on DNGG.

Hope you all are doing well, and thanks again for buying, reading and reviewing our books!

Michael and Linda