Linda here –
I don’t write as much here since I have not had the faith in my own voice as Tinker does in his, but I am getting there. We have just finished a first draft for another Novella, cleaned up a draft of another novel, working in our heads the next 2 novels for Diaries. And I am playing with another short story for Whew, so much writing so little time. And top that off with trying to find full time employment for me. Working with all these stories (and the many more that are starting to bubble to the surface) you would think we would have a hard time keeping everything straight but you know what? Its not. In fact it is surprisingly easy to differentiate them all. Of course that could be because they are mostly in different genres. Funny though, I don’t have a favorite. Maybe I should add Romance… LOL Anyway just wanted to check in and thank all you readers out there who are making this all so much fun!