Increasingly we are seeing VR emerging out of Scifi and into the real world. Successful prototypes are being released and new companies are popping up to meet the inevitable demand. But what about Hollywood? Well it seems that they are paying attention as well.

Could we be now looking at the new world from the comforts of our own homes or will this be offered in the theatres where you are given your headset and get to be “in” the movie? Only time will tell where it will all go from here.

New technology is always exciting and Virtual Reality is one more addition to the rapidly expanding experience of being ‘plugged in’. But how will this affect the real world? Will there be unintended consequences from being even more ‘plugged in’ when say we “visit” our friends and relatives online? Will VR keep us so busy that we don’t have time for human contact, will it replace it or will it expand it?

For businesses it could be the next big thing, as brick and mortar offices might no longer be necessary. Why have an address when you can meet in a virtual office and discuss everything you will need?

What about social media? For people like me it would be wonderful as so many of my family and friends are out of state. Phone calls and emails are not really satisfying;. I want to be there!Virtual Reality could give me that opportunity. Of course there probably is a downside, like maybe not getting out of the house much. But I think of all the places I may able to visit because of finances, like Ireland and England and think, “Maybe, just maybe it will be worth it.”

Worth it or not, bane or benefit the only thing that is sure is that we’ll be finding out… and sooner rather than later!

~Linda Pearce