We finally got our contract for a new Foreworld Novella, with a fairly tight deadline so we’re going to be very busy with that over the next few weeks.  No, it is not a sequel to ‘The Shield Maiden.’  Sorry.  I think that the folks in charge want to ‘broaden the base’ of the Foreworld Saga before we return to the existing stories.

We’re still writing in ‘The Age of Myth and Mist,’ the setting of ‘The Shield Maiden.’  This is a period roughly from the Fall of Rome to the end of the Viking era.  Our new story intertwines life in the Migration Era, early post-Roman history and Norse mythology.  I think it’s safe to say it includes stronger fantasy elements than any of the Foreworld Side-Quests to date.

This one is a bit different than anything that we’ve written to date, and we’re having a lot of fun with it.  From the look of things the publisher is looking at having this come out late this spring or in early summer.


Oh… I suppose that the title of this post might make more sense if I had mentioned that the working title for the novella is Tyrshammer…