Well, ‘Rage of Angels’ is out and launches officially on May 26th. Huh? Yep, we decided to self-publish after all. We were going to try the traditional route to publish this but have changed our minds. First we submitted it to a literary agent, who was remarkably good about reading it promptly. His take was that there was much he liked but it wasn’t really his thing. We then consulted the editor that had expressed an interest and he said he’d be delighted to read it… next autumn. Uh, yeah.

We know the trad publishing establishment is very, very busy and doesn’t always move quickly. We were prepared to wait a reasonable time to hear from people. Maybe 4-5 months is reasonable and we were genuinely grateful that the editor is willing to look at it at all. But we too are busy people and the advantages of traditional publishing are no longer so great that we’re willing to let them dictate the pace of our life, writing and career.

So- keep an eye on our Facebook page- we’re having a release party on the 26th at 3pm PDT. We’ll have guest-writers, prizes and a lot of fun. We’ll be addressing the question ‘First Contact- is it survivable as a race and culture?” Looking forward to seeing people’s take on that.

Going it on our own yet again means that we are responsible for promoting, advertising etc. ad nausium. But then as ‘new’ authors that would mostly be the case with a traditional publisher as well. If self-publishing does not carry the same ‘street-cred’ as ‘being published’ we can live with that. The ability to self-regulate our work is a big plus, as are the monthly payments and greater profit-per-unit of self-publishing. It’s a balancing act and this time it tipped one way rather than the other.

So check it out- it’s available from Amazon. And by ‘check it out’ we mean have a look, maybe buy it and recommend/review it if you like it.