OK, now that the book is finally going out for editing I thought I’d offer a recap; it’s been so long I’m not sure anyone but us remembers anymore…

Set a few decades in the future, ‘Rage of Angels’ is what happens when smart but very alien aliens attack the earth.  In a nutshell we’re screwed.  Civilization is virtually erased overnight and those that remain are forced to fight a campaign of high-tech guerrilla warfare against the aliens.  The problem is that they won’t come down here and fight us because they’re too smart to do that.  Another problem is that they have an iron grip on the orbital ‘High Ground’ and won’t let us come to them.  They’re not talking either.  They’re just taking what they want… and we’re not sure exactly what that is, why they want it or what their endgame is going to be.

Did I mention that we’re screwed?

The story is told primarily from three perspectives- A soldier, a Spec-Ops Operator in an ultra-high-tech powered armor suit and an intelligence analyst.  Along the way we get bits of other perspectives as well, but these are the protagonists.

The book is steeped in bleeding-edge technologies but the story is very much about the people.  We’ll be doing a reading from the book next Friday morning at Norwescon if you want a taste.

Wrapping up here’s a little RoA humor-

Q: How does an Eatee change a lightbulb?

A: They don’t. If it isn’t working they just back off and nuke it from orbit.

Hope to see you Friday and thanks for following the long, drawn-out process of creating this novel.