Been a rough couple of years what with he fire, trying to get the business back on an even keel etc. Yeah that’s pretty much just excuses, so let’s move on.

Sales of ‘Rage of Angels’ really picked up with our recent promotions and continue to be strong. We very pleased, of course, but a few more reviews on Amazon wouldn’t hurt… Diaries of a Dwarven rifleman is where the real news is though. ‘Lord of the North’ is finally nearing completion. Yeah, you’ve heard this before but THIS time… well, we’re looking at final editing beginning in thirty days, with ARCs going out shortly thereafter.

In ‘Lord of the North’ the action picks up where ‘DoDR’ left off. Engvyr is settling into his new position as Lord Warder, the conquest of the north continues, Makepeace Steading is growing… but all is not well. Someone is taking the Braell, the Afmaeltinn of the coastal city-state of Tearneal is the focus of fresh troubles and ancient magics are stirring… OK, too hard to avoid spoilers. You’ll just have to wait and see…

In other news Linda is involved in at least two other novels with a different co-author and a sequel novella to ‘Rage of Angels is in the works to tide you over until book two.

Oh, and things are coming together in the shop. We’ve just installed a power supply for the milling machines and the metal lathes are both working. That means that this winter I will start on a long-delayed project- an Infantry Long Rifle, just like Engvyr’s. OK, it will definitely have a longer stock; I’m not actually a Dvaerg! There will likely be several proof-of-concept prototypes first but work will begin this winter.

Hope you all have a great weekend, and remember- if you are going to observe the eclipse make sure you have correct viewing equipment! Retinal burns are no joke.