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Kate and I met a long time ago in a galaxy… well, it was this galaxy, actually.  We won’t get into how long ago, but suffice to say it’s been a while.  Facebook brought us back into each other’s spheres and w3e still share common interests… Like writing, and now we are in fact both published authors.  Kate has a talent that should be shared… so I’m sharing it.  Here’s a sampling of some of Kate’s work:

Kick the Can

Dave Smith and his wife, Jocelyn, had waited a long time to have children. And then they were blessed with twins! The man in the suit that greeted Dave as he saw his children for the first time gave him chills. Dave needed to spend the next twelve years preparing to play a game that would change their lives forever.

Because playing this game could kill you.


Daughter of Hauk

What would you do, if you found out your life was a lie–

After you were dead?

Arwenna Shalian spent her life in loyal service to a God she was never meant to serve. Tricked by her fellow priests, she betrayed a man she thought she loved by binding a demon to him. One that would send him to the brink of madness.

Can she find a way to forgive herself? And what of Hauk, the God she was Marked to serve? Will He find her and give her the chance to undo what she’s done, or leave her at the mercy of the creatures that torture her soul?



Dominated and controlled by an abusive mother, Lily does what she can to enjoy fleeting moments of normality. When a break from school only provides the opportunity for more abuse at home, the sudden appearance of a stranger turns her world even bleaker.  Disappearing without a trace, he has left a lingering fear in Lily. His parting words to her mother, “Have her ready to travel tomorrow,” is something her mind refuses to accept.

Running away is the only answer. But before Lily can execute her plan, a shimmering portal appears in her room. Along with two strangers who promise to help keep her safe. With time running out, she accepts their offer for escape and accompanies them into a brand new world. A world in which she is the kidnapped daughter of a Queen, and the heir to the throne of Tiadar.

Can she find her own strength to overcome both an abusive past and avoid those who would use her as a means to power?


Here are the links to her books- check them out.  They are worthy- what more can I say?

Amazon – Kindle/Daughter of Hauk:

Amazon – Kindle/Son of Corse:

Amazon – Kindle/Mark of the Successor:

Amazon – Kindle/Kick the Can:

Amazon – Paperback/Daughter of Hauk:

Amazon – Paperback/Mark of the Successor:

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