Good Lord it’s been awhile since I posted here. Between moving back into our home in February, re-eastablishing the shop, financial turmoil attendant to those events and keeping up three other active blogs we’ve been pretty busy.

Seven months after the fire we were finally able to move back into our fully renovated home and shop- to suffer a month of contractors trooping through daily, discovering that there were still items that needed replacement that we’d forgotten etc. it has not been a fabulous time for writing; we have been doing some, but it’s been catch-as-can.

We ARE writing, just slowly and in a less-than-organized fashion. There are some landmarks on this front- Linda is writing her first novel as the ‘lead writer’ and it’s pretty cool stuff. Set in Seattle the story straddles the periods of the Klondike gold rush and today. Samantha could be accused of living in the past… because sometimes she does. After moving to Seattle in the wake of a bad break-up she finds herself a witness to random murders in old Seattle- which, alarmingly are being reproduced today. A time-twisting modern fantasy- I’m a big fan so far, and I can’t wait to see where she takes the story.

Meanwhile I have things bubbling on the stove as well. While the sequel(s) to Diaries of a Dwarven Rifleman are on holiday I am working on my first ‘solo’ novel, a modern story that defies the conventions of it’s genre. ‘Iceberg’ Jordan has had the existence of vampires driven home to her in a tragic and horrifying way… but she’s not a woman that assumes the role of victim. Ever. She is not a super-hero. She does not have ‘powers,’ she is not some waif-like mythic heroin fated to fight the forces of supernatural evil. She’s a combat veteran, tough, smart, resourceful and no stranger to violence… and she’s PISSED.

We’re also working on ‘A Fury on the Deep,’ the sequel to our science-fiction novel ‘Rage of Angels.’ Mysterious alien attackers have destroyed the world, and while the survivors have driven off the Eatees they will be back- with a vengeance. But the people of Earth are not going to wait- we’re going to pursue them into the depths of the solar system and END them. America has to gear up for final war while at the same time rebuilding civilization  and re-Terraforming the earth. Rest assured, all of your old friends will be back, and a few new ones as well.

Alas due to the chaos of re-stablishing our lives, home and business we can’t offer much in the of deadlines, but we’re working on it. As our lives stabilize we’ll be writing a lot more and more regularly.

In other news Linda has launched a new career dealing with sentient self-propelled petrie dishes- she’s become a substitute Teahcer’s Aid for the Seattle School District. My shop is up and running and I am slowly working to pay the bills and regain my previous capabilities in the new shop. It’s brilliant- fully finished, insulated and secure and this time around I am religiously cleaning as I go. It’s healthier, easier and better. I actually have ‘shop slippers’ to work in these days. It’s a comfort revolution and I am thrilled.

We’ll try to keep you updated on our lives and work a little more often-

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