We’ll be releasing ‘Diaries of a Dwarven Rifleman: Rear-Guard’ soon, and we’ve found it’s time to depart from Engvyr and his friends briefly.  While we’ve made good progress on ‘Lord of the North’ we’ve got this curse… we’re artists.  Of a sort at least.  That means that we’ll be cruising along just fine when suddenly SQUIRREL! and our attention is wrenched in a new direction.

In this case we were enjoying our newly renovated yard and brainstorming.  A number of people had expressed that they wanted more of the character in ‘What Happens in Dubai’ and we realized her story could be a lead in to another novel that we’ve had on the back burner.  We kept yacking and bits kept falling into place and the next thing we knew we’re all on fire for the new novel.  Suddenly it was off the back burner and a couple thousand words further along than when we left it…

So it looks like our next novel will be ‘Rage of Angels’ rather than ‘Lord of the North.’  What’s it about?  Well, no spoilers yet but it’s Military Science Fiction, a First-Contact story, a love story and a lot more!  Whatever else it will be, it won’t be boring….

No worries, we’ll not be leaving Engvyr behind for long… we’ll be back in Dvaergatil Baeg with all the usual suspects before you know it.