A couple years ago we wrote a very short story about the main character of our then-upcoming novel ‘Diaries of a Dwarven Rifleman.’ We made it available for free through a variety of sources to get people interested in the novel, and when we published it we put the story up on Amazon.com for 99 cents, because that was the lowest price they allowed.  The story was only 1500 words long and the writing was pretty stripped down, but it was meant to be free and just to introduce the character and the world. Recently a reviewer named Frank said that while he liked the character and the story he felt a little cheated because it was so short.

Well Frank, we agree.  It’s too short, even for only 99 cents.

So we’ve done two things- we have found venues where we can once again offer it for free, and we have rewritten it so that it better reflects the content of ‘Diaries of a Dwarven Rifleman’ and the upcoming sequel ‘Lord of the North.’  It’s still short at just over 3000 words, but we think that it’s a lot better and a more complete story. Yes, it’s still 99 cents on Amazon, because the only way that they will let it be free is if people point out to them that it is free elsewhere.

The good news is that if you spent money to buy this short story you ought to be able to download the new version without additional charge.  Oh, and there is a new cover based on the novel’s new cover, so that it is more obviously part of the series.

Here is the link to Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00AUODAAS

Here are the sources where you can download or view the story for free:

Versions on Nook and Kobo are still processing at this time, but ought to be available very soon.


We hope that you will enjoy this ‘taste’ of the series,aand as always reviews help things along should you feel inclined to post one.